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Wai Khru Foundation is a charitable project initiated by Michael Roe, an attorney and ABC Certified MMA Judge. Michael established the Karuna Institute in 1996, a nonprofit established by his family law firm to focus on children’s charitable causes. In 2010, Michael and his son traveled to Thailand to meet Khru Bah, and thereafter a commitment was made to assist the Golden Horse Temple and its efforts to shelter and educate orphaned children of the region. It is hoped that through revenues from the law practice, and through fundraising in the MMA community, that additional funds can be raised to support the Golden Horse Temple in Thailand. All funds raised through Wai Khru go directly to the temple; no funds are used for foundation admin or other costs.

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Michael and Brendan Roe with Khru Bah

Phra Khru Bah Neua Chai Kositto

Abbot Phra Khru Bah Neua Chai Kositto is a former soldier and Thai boxing (Muay Thai) champion. Today this transformed man has found inner peace and a new vocation as a Buddhist monk. Devoted, disciplined and extremely resilient, Khru Bah has survived many physical attacks from gangs running drugs or illegal gambling operations.

Operating on a special mandate from the Supreme Patriarch, the Abbot’s focus lies on serving the most marginalized of the poor, the hilltribe children, in Thailand’s remote northern province of Chiang Rai.

In the serene Wat Maa Tong (Temple of the Golden Horse) he has created a haven for these young boys, many of whom are orphaned or abandoned.

What is the meaning of Wai Khru?

The wai khru ceremony (พิธีไหว้ครู ) is a  ritual in which students pay respects to their teachers in order to express their gratitude.

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Muay Thai Wai Khru